Fast Drying Floor Screed

KLE Group specialise in the supply and installation of high quality fast drying screed throughout the Midlands and the UK.

Fast Drying Screed Specialists

Fast drying screed or Rapid Drying Screed allows for rapid drying of the screed, when it is a tight turnaround project. There are several different types of fast setting screeds, each with its own specific drying times. They can be delivered ready-mixed prior to arrival on site or mixed on site depending on the job requirements. With fast drying floor screed, drying times are slashed from weeks down to mere hours.

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How quickly does fast drying screed dry?


The drying time of a quick-drying floor screed can vary depending on several factors, including the thickness of the layer, the temperature and humidity, and the type of screed being used. However, quick-drying floor screeds can dry much faster than traditional sand and cement screed.

With the addition of additives, fast-drying floor screed typically dries within a few hours of being laid. If you are looking for a product that can dry within a few hours then this is the best option for you.

Benefits of Fast Drying Floor Screed

Quicker Drying Times ​

Offering extremely reduced drying times to enable the application of final floor finishes, Fast Drying Screed is the ideal choice for projects with tight deadlines. Thanks to its additives, Fast Drying Screed typically dries within hours of being laid rather than days, weeks or months, which allows for early laying and installation of the chosen floor coverings.

Allows for early footfall

From shopfloors to workshops, our fast drying screed is ready for light footfall earlier than other types of screeds. You would have to wait for at least 7 days with a traditional screed before footfall it. You can opt for screeds that can withhold footfall after install in as short as 2 hours.

Exceptional thermal conductivity

With a range of fast drying screed that boasts exceptional thermal conductivity, it's suitable and responsive for underfloor heating as it can be laid in very thin sections.

Suitable for a wide range of projects

Fast Drying Screed is suitable for a wide range of applications, from domestic to commercial floors. It can be used in new builds, conversions, floating floors, wet rooms and much more.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Quick Drying Screeds contain additives which enable the screed to dry faster and enable floor coverings to be laid sooner.

The drying time of floor screed can differ depending on several factors, including the thickness of the layer, the ambient temperature and humidity, and the type of screed being used.

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