Sand & Cement Screed

KLE Group specialise in the supply and installation of high quality Sand and Cement floor screed throughout the Midlands and the UK.

Sand & Cement Screed Specialists

Traditional floor screed, also known as standard cement & sand screeds is generally installed as a thick layer to ensure no cracking or shrinkage occurs. It is made up of dry sharp sand, cement and water. The ratios change depending on the use of the property but are normally around four parts of sand to each part of cement.
It can be used on suspended or in-situ concrete floors, as a topping to light aggregate screeds. As a semi-dry system it is the best option to use for floors that are required to be laid to falls, (a slight slope) to assist with drainage.  
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Traditional sand & cement floor screed is applied by hand with a straight-edge, wooden / plastic float and finished with a trowel or powerfloat. Sand & Cement installations can take longer to complete compared with the flowing screeds. To ensure a quality installation is delivered by our team, we guarantee the correct design mix is supplied.

Drying Time

A typical setting time is 24-48 hours, drying time for traditional floor screed is 1mm per day. Allow extra time for anything above 50mm. To ensure a quality finish it is essential that the environment is warm and well ventilated. When conditions vary, this will affect drying time.

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